Industry Professionals Say...

"Liz is an energetic, team player who is passionate about Affiliate Marketing. She successfully converted a non-performing account into a strong, viable sales channel for the company with double digit growth and revenues in 7 figures. She was nominated as one of the Top Affiliate Managers from the affiliate community which she truly earned. If you have an opportunity to work with Liz, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed."

Debbie Carkner - Dir. of Ecommerce Merchandising, Novator Systems (Formerly Dir. of Mktg.,

"Ever since Growthspurt Media took over the Affiliate Management program for Everest Nutrition, I have had the pleasure of communicating with Liz Gazer on a regular basis; any concerns I had with the program in the past were quickly and efficiently solved and I might add that it is her communication skills that now sets apart the Everest Nutrition Affiliate Program from all others I work with. If you have a company that would either like to start or leverage an affiliate program, I can sincerely recommend Liz Gazer as the consultant to contract."

Nick Schoots
- Entrepreneur/Career Affiliate, Bridgeport Web Hosting Services, Port Huron Classifieds, Ico Del Toro Internet Travel Services

"Liz was instrumental in my company's efforts to enter a new marketing/product niche. My personal confidence in her enabled me to easily decide to commit time, money and other intangible resources towards developing a dedicated affiliate website to specifically promote a product family that she represented. The decision to develop towards her line and her assistance in ramping things up has proven profitable, fruitful and rewarding."

Pat Grady - President, Rhinofish Media

"Liz is well-known in the affiliate world and is able to maintain lasting, strong, genuine and positive partner relationships. She's adept at balancing corporate goals with the needs of her partners. She's a true asset to any company. I'm proud to know her as a business partner as well as a friend."

Van Levine - Business Development Manager, Hydramedia

"Our company has been a member of the Everest Nutrition affilate program since January 2005. Once Liz Gazer of Growthspurt Media took over managing the affiliate program in mid-2006, the program quickly became one of our company's top producers. Liz turned the program completely around and provides constant updates and feedback to affiliates; something seldom seen from affiliate managers. I would personally recommend Liz as an affiliate manager for any company that wishes to instill loyalty in their affiliate group and take their program to the next level."

Frank Colarik - President, Revboard Affiliate Program Directory

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