The Math is Simple.

Your Web Biz + Growthspurt Media = Affiliate Marketing Success.

Whether your existing affiliate program requires new life and lift, or whether you’re just beginning to think about launching an affiliate program for the first time, the proven abilities of Liz Gazer (Outsourced Program Manager, Growthspurt Media) can help.

After all, our professional experience and honest approach to building and maintaining affiliate partnerships has been helping online businesses like yours chart a course for online sales success since 2004. Put our established relationships within the affiliate marketing community to work for you!

We're recognized. We're trusted. And we've got equity where you need it most.

We don't put on airs, we just do what we do best. And that translates to applying professional insight and proven promotional methods to help leverage brand visibility and online sales for your business.

Offering expert Affiliate Management & Consulting Services from training & support, to full outsourced program management with flexible pricing options to best meet your needs, rest assured - your business is our priority.

What are YOU doing to outgrow the competition? Discover what our green thumb can do to grow your business.

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"What exactly is an Outsourced Program Manager (or OPM)?"

Full Outsourced Affiliate Program Management is a marketing channel management role performed by a specialized affiliate industry expert (OPM) who works outside your organization, for your business success.

An outsourced program manager typically works remotely (also known as telecommuting), to launch and/or manage and groom your affiliate team to action - while you reap the rewards of better brand recognition within key online markets, a higher volume of targeted traffic, and ultimately, a boost to online orders and increased revenue.

Your affiliate team is akin to an online sales force in many ways and as such, skills in planning, execution and follow up are integral to this role. While affiliates are not "employees" of your organization but self-employed promotional "partners" instead, your Growthspurt Media OPM will work for your affiliates 24/7, to ensure they go to work for you.

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