Our Story

The lovechild of Affiliate Manager Liz Gazer, Growthspurt Media was born of a gratifying affair with affiliate marketing that began when Liz was left in charge of what was then an infant affiliate marketing channel for acclaimed internet retailer, Rugman.com.

Within the first few months, affiliate sales doubled and the program achieved previously unprecedented growth, earning Liz industry-wide recognition for her efforts and a nomination for Best Affiliate Manager 2004 at AbestWeb.com; then, the web's largest affiliate industry community and discussion forum online.

In early 2006 with much encouragement from peers, Liz launched her solo career with Growthspurt Media, named for her tall personality (despite a 5-foot frame) and a strong reputation for nurturing affiliates to cultivate year-over-year growth in revenue & sales. The rest is history. And in making it, Liz proves there is truth in that old saying... history does repeat itself.

In January 2007, Liz was honoured to receive nomination yet again - not once, not twice but in three different categories in ABestWeb's Member's Choice awards for the "Best of 2006."

Growthspurt Media clients benefit from our affiliate management expertise, industry insight, and accumulated equity within the affiliate market at large.

With a background diverse in creative advertising, business, sales, marketing and communication arts, Liz brings a wealth of insight, experience and a multifaceted perspective to any business situation.

Today, Growthspurt Media still specializes in Affiliate Marketing Management for businesses in search of targeted brand, traffic & revenue growth online though we've continued to adapt our service offering to keep up with evolving industry trends and changing client needs. Today, we also offer a variety of other complimentary media & marketing services which provide additional value, such as: 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Website Usability Testing/Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Campaign Planning 
  • Graphic Design, Art Direction, Copywriting & Editing
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Liz Gazer is a respected, vocal member of the e-commerce business community. As networking & staying on top of the latest industry trends is integral in our fast paced industry, she attends conferences like Affiliate Summit regularly and is a member of Commission Junction University (CJU) alumni. An active public relations professional and industry advocate, Liz is often involved in public speaking engagements, writing for business publications, a featured guest on podcasts and a presenter or host at various workshops, seminars and networking events throughout the business world at large.

Additionally, Liz hosts & organizes monthly events for the Toronto & Niagara Affiliate Summit community. Taking place the last Tuesday of each month, these events draw professionals from all reaches of the online marketing industry for networking & education/discussion on evolving trends & best practices. More information about these local Toronto area events can be found here.

When not completely immersed in her work, Liz enjoys making time for family, good friends, good food and good conversation. She is a self proclaimed internet geek, health-wellness passionista and music addict with a penchant for arts, culture, fashion and travel.